Automation ROI

Automation vs Manual - Time Study
Hear how our automation changed business for Spectrum Paint
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Fully customizable automation systems designed to save you time and money.
Benefits of an automation system
Automation with background from left view
No longer a 2-3 person job

One person can safely mix 30-100 five gallon pails per hour. The pails are moved, loaded from mixers, and unloaded automatically.

Automation Control Box
Modular to your needs

Installed with a control panel for operation. Conveyor uses infrared eyes to detect the pail and transport it down the line to an open and ready machine. Pail carriage lifts the pail from the conveyor and transports it into the machine. 

Auto Clamping View
Mixers can handle up to 100 lbs.

Designed for Automation the Auto Gryo communicates with the automated conveyor. Once a pail is loaded in, the mixer will clamp onto the pail and begin its mixing cycle. The mixer utilizes a direct drive eliminating wearable parts such as belts and gears. etc.

Automation Systems
Save Time & Money