Paint Mixers & Shakers

Shaking Everything But Your Confidence
Innovative engineering by us, superior performance for you
Quiet Operation

Don't miss an opportunity to talk to your customers. Even during heavy cycles, our machines are quieter than any other on the market.

Gear-Driven Reliability

Our machines are driven by gears, which are more durable and consistent than the belts found in most mixers.

Push-Button Simplicity

Plug it in, push the button, and start mixing. Our interface is easy to learn and simple to operate, saving you time and headaches.


Mix half pints in your current mixers with our new Radia half pint adapters.

Three available options:

A5995S - 4-16 can tray adapter for multi size mixers 

A2500 - 1-3 half pint adapter for Radia 1015 mixers (pictured)

6786133 - 1 or 2 half pint foam sleeve, used with your current quart adapter. 

Introducing the New Auto Lid Press

Minimize noise, human error, and paint spills with one tool. It's fast, quiet, and gives you a consistent seal every time. Whether a can is going in the mixer or the hands of your customer, the lid has to be on tight. The Auto Lid Press evenly applies pressure to the can for an all-over seal in a single motion, so it's quick, safe, and easy to use. Works for all one-gallon can types. Optional quart adapter now available.  

"Radia has been an exceptional partner with my company for more than 20 years. Their mixing equipment has performed and endured beyond our extremely demanding use and my even more demanding expectations."
"About 6 years ago we acquired some Red Devil paint shakers from a business that went out of business. A couple weeks later I asked my #1 guy how the equipment was working for him and he said these are great shakers! Since then Radia is our choice."
“What influenced Rodda Paint to purchase Radia Shakers for all of our locations is the quality. Not only are they easy to use but they are built to last and the repair costs are minimal. We have used Radia shakers throughout our stores for several years and will continue to do so.”
“We bought an old 5025 mixer with over 50,000 cycles on it and it runs amazing. We love your mixers.”
“We have been in business for 73 years and the Radia Auto Lid Press is the best piece of equipment we have ever bought!”
“Love your mixers. Biggest problem we have is they don’t break down. When we look to buy new mixers we go with RADIA!”
“Radia 5025 Gyro mixer - best 5 gallon mixer I have ever used!”
“Love the Auto Lid Press. As soon as I make more room in my store, I want 2 more!”
“Radia’s 5025 - only thing to say is… GAME OVER. Best mixer out there is, no competition.”
Our Machines Outlast Any Other Machine On The Market
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Sherwin Williams
Home Depot
Ace Hardware
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Harley Davidson