We set the standards for paint mixers and shakers.

Our machines outlast any other machine on the market
Innovation by us, perfected by you
Quiet Operation

Even under the heaviest of loads our machines are quieter than any other machine on the market. Don't worry about ever having problems talking to your customer again.

Gear Driven

The problem with belts are that they inherently break. So we made a conscious decision to build something that lasts forever. Almost all of our mixers and shakers are gear driven.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Because RADIA products are so well designed and built, they deliver the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of their equipment. 

Unbeatable Service
Industry Leading Full Warranty

Our machines are built to last. We back it up with an honest and easy 2-year warranty that covers everything including parts & labor.

Made in Minnesota

Our parts are locally sourced and shipped from Plymouth, MN. 


Customer Support

Customer Care and Technical Service will get you what you need, when you need it. 


Mix What You Need Without Worrying About a Breakdown