5 Gallon Red D Mix™

Model 5025 Paint Shaker
Five Gallon Gyroscopic Mixer

Improve your mixing with the enhanced 5025 Red D Mix™ 5 gallon gyroscopic paint mixer, only available from RADIA. Designed by our premiere Engineering Team, the 5025 Red D Mix™ is your trusted partner to get the job done.

  • Smaller footprint to further maximize your space
  • New drive system reduces noise and wear
  • Features an even lower lift-height of 10 inches for easy loading
  • Includes a digital display timer allowing the operator to increase the mix times incrementally
  • Improved reliability on crank handle retention system
  • New bullet design improves bail spring reliability
  • Optional universal riser leg system to create flexibility
  • Conforms to ANSI/UL STD 1450; Certified to CAN/US C22.2 STD No. 68
  • Other models include: 5025, 5025U: Digital Display. See product spec sheet for more information

Mix Operation

  • Contains a gyroscopic mixing action that mixes containers end-over-end while simultaneously spinning
  • 125 lb. (56.7 kg) homogenous material maximum load capacity (excludes bottom settling products i.e. stucco, caulking, etc.)
  • Accepts standard plastic and metal five gallon (18.9 L) containers
Spec Sheet (691.37 KB) Owners Manual (8.16 MB)
Model Variations
5025P3 Digital Display, Floor Model
5025UP3 Digital Display, universal leg
5025U2P3 Digital Display, universal leg with extractor
5025X1 No timer, Explosion Proof, needs professional installation
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