Space Saver Base 1065/1066 - 1015SQ

Part 1065 Base, 1066 Base with Pounding Station
1065 space saver base

The 1015-SQ Space Saver Base allows you to stack two Speed Demon 1™ SQ mixers in the space of one. This stackable configuration saves space in any mixing environment. Options for pounding station include pre-installed or additional add-on to give you the ability to seal and open containers without having to transfer them to another location. By eliminating this step, there is an increase in efficiency.

Models Available:

  • 1065-00 Space Saver Base (pictured) allows stacking of two 1015-SQ mixers in the space of one.
  • 1066-00 Space Saver Base comes with a built-in pounding station base.
  • A6600 Pounding Station Kit available to add on to existing 1065-00 bases.
Spec Sheet (660.18 KB)