Half Pint Adapters

Half Pint Adapter for Radia 1015 Mixer
Half Pint Adapter
New Half Pint Adapter
5995 Half Pint Adapter Tray
Foam Sleeve for quart adapter

Radia half pint adapters allow you to mix half pint containers in your current one gallon 1015 mixer or your 5995 Agitar multi size shaker. 

Our foam sleeve allows you to easily mix 1 or 2 half pints in your current 1 gallon mixers quart adapter. Part 6786133

The 5995 sample tray allows you to mix 4-16 half pints simultaneously.  Part A5995S

Our NEW Radia half pint sample adapter will accommodate 1, 2 or 3 half pint sample containers.  
The adapter is weighted and balanced to work with any arrangement of containers.  The adapter locks into the can holder just as a one gallon can would.  For use in Radia machines only.  Part A2500
AVAILABLE 1/1/2022

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