Auto Lid Press

Whether it’s going in the mixer or the hands of your customer, the lid of the can must be on tight. Avoid messy splatters with a mallet while assuring yourself and your customers that you can trust the seal of your lid everytime.

Minimize noise, human error, and paint spills with one tool.
Reduced Noise

Take orders over the phone with ease knowing you won’t hear any loud mallets.

Zero Splattering

Avoid the messy splatters that happen when using a mallet.

Guaranteed Seal

Rest easy knowing your customers' cans are sealed properly - every time.

Works with most paint cans and containers!

The new Auto Lid Press works with almost any paint can or container. Designed with a counter mount or mobile base plate to accommodate all kinds of environments.

  • 1-Gallon Cans
  • Quart (with Adapter)
  • Hybrid & Metal Containers
"Clients have enjoyed a quieter store and we’ve had less problems while taking orders over the phone."
"The best feature we find using your lid press is that it provides a consistent seal regardless of who is filling the cans. With your Auto Lid Press it will cycle fast enough to keep up with filling rates and seals each can the same each time. "
Interested in the Auto Lid Press?